Complete list of publication of J. Michael Burgess

Complete list of publication of J. Michael Burgess

May 29, 2017

Further publications:

A) Publications with peer review process

[1]   J. Michael Burgess. The Rest-Frame Golenetskii Correlation via a Hierarchical Bayesian Analysis. MNRAS, page arXiv:1512.01059, December 2017 in press.

[2]   J Michael Burgess, Hoi-Fung Yu, Jochen Greiner, and Daniel J Mortlock. Awakening the BALROG (BAyesian Location Reconstruction Of GRBs): A new paradigm in spectral and location analysis of gamma ray bursts. MNRAS, page arXiv:1610.07385, May 2017 (in press).

[3]   J Greiner, J M Burgess, V Savchenko, and H F Yu. ON THE FERMI-GBM EVENT 0.4 s AFTER GW150914. The Astrophysical Journal, 827(2):L38, August 2016.

[4]   P Narayana Bhat, Charles A Meegan, Andreas von Kienlin, et al. THE THIRD FERMI GBM GAMMA-RAY BURST CATALOG: THE FIRST SIX YEARS. The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series, 223(2):28, April 2016.

[5]   D Bégué and J Michael Burgess. THE ANATOMY OF A LONG GAMMA-RAY BURST: A SIMPLE CLASSIFICATION SCHEME FOR THE EMISSION MECHANISM(S). The Astrophysical Journal, 820(1):68, March 2016.

[6]   S Iyyani, F Ryde, J Michael Burgess, et al. Synchrotron emission in GRBs observed by Fermi: its limitations and the role of the photosphere. MNRAS, 456(2):2157–2171, February 2016.

[7]   J Michael Burgess, D Bégué, Felix Ryde, et al. An External Shock Origin of GRB 141028A. ApJ, 822(2), 2016.

[8]   S Iyyani, F Ryde, B Ahlgren, et al. Extremely narrow spectrum of GRB110920A: further evidence for localized, subphotospheric dissipation. MNRAS, 450(2):1651–1663, June 2015.

[9]   J Michael Burgess and Felix Ryde. Are GRB blackbodies an artefact of spectral evolution? MNRAS, 447(4):3087–3094, March 2015.

[10]   V Connaughton, M S Briggs, A Goldstein, et al. Localization of gamma-ray bursts using the Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor. ApJS, 216(2):32, February 2015.

[11]   J Larsson, J L Racusin, and J M Burgess. Evidence for Jet Launching Close to the Black Hole in GRB 101219b—A Fermi GRB Dominated by Thermal Emission. ApJL, 800(2):L34, February 2015.

[12]   Hoi-Fung Yu, Jochen Greiner, Hendrik van Eerten, et al. Synchrotron cooling in energetic gamma-ray bursts observed by the Fermi Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor. A&A, 573:A81, January 2015.

[13]   E Troja, L Piro, V Vasileiou, N Omodei, and J M Burgess. Swift and Fermi observations of X-ray flares: the case of Late Internal Shock. ApJ, 2015.

[14]   J Michael Burgess. On spectral evolution and temporal binning in gamma-ray bursts. MNRAS, 445(3):2589–2598, December 2014.

[15]   J Michael Burgess, Robert D Preece, Felix Ryde, et al. An Observed Correlation between Thermal and Non-thermal Emission in Gamma-Ray Bursts. ApJL, 784(2):L43, April 2014.

[16]   J Michael Burgess, R D Preece, V Connaughton, et al. Time-resolved Analysis of Fermi Gamma-Ray Bursts with Fast- and Slow-cooled Synchrotron Photon Models. ApJ, 784(1):17, March 2014.

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[30]   J Michael Burgess, Robert D Preece, Matthew G Baring, et al. Constraints on the Synchrotron Shock Model for the Fermi GRB 090820A Observed by Gamma-Ray Burst Monitor. ApJ, 741(1):24, November 2011.

[31]   Lin Lin, Chryssa Kouveliotou, Ersin Göǧüş, et al. Burst and Persistent Emission Properties during the Recent Active Episode of the Anomalous X-Ray Pulsar 1E 1841-045. ApJL, 740(1):L16, October 2011.

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[38]   M Gubarev, Brian D Ramsey, D Engelhaupt, J Burgess, and D Mildner. An evaluation of grazing-incidence optics for neutron imaging. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam Interactions with Materials and Atoms, 265(2):626–630, December 2007.

B) Submitted publications with peer review process

[1]   J Michael Burgess. Is Spectral Width a Reliable Measure of GRB Emission Physics? arXiv:1705.05718, May 2017.

C)Publications without peer review process

[1]   Giacomo Vianello, Robert J Lauer, Patrick Younk, et al. The Multi-Mission Maximum Likelihood framework (3ML)., page arXiv:1507.08343, July 2015.